SharePoint Portals for Law Firms
1/28/2015Lucidea’s LawPort Legal Portal Accelerator to Attend LegalTech 2015
10/17/2014SydneyEnterprise Passes The Test; ETS To Adopt Lucidea’s Next Generation Library System
9/9/2014And the Lucky Winner is
8/7/2014Lucidea’s LawPort Legal Portal Accelerator to Attend ILTA 2014
8/1/2014CuadraStar Knowledge Center for Archives Bringing New Features to SAA 2014
7/28/2014LookUp Precision’s Latest Release – Three (Free) Exciting Developments
6/10/2014LawPort’s SharePoint Deployment Expert to Attend ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium 2014
4/16/2014Lucidea announces new Chief Marketing Officer
12/20/2013LawPort SharePoint Deployment Experts at LegalTech 2014
8/7/2013LawPort at ILTA 2013 Free one-on-one SharePoint 2013 consultations
5/29/2013LawPort's Development Platform Technology at ILTA 2013 SharePoint Symposium
12/20/2012LawPort to Offer Free SharePoint Consultations at LegalTech 2013
11/30/2012SharePoint 2010 connectors plus visionary Legal Object Model (LOM) a top value proposition for law firms
7/25/2012LawPort Delivers the Content at ILTA 2012 Conference
5/31/2012SydneyPLUS Marks Fourth Year of Attendance at the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Trade-Show
4/30/2012SydneyPLUS tackles expanding SharePoint CI needs at SCIP 2012
4/3/2012LawPort delivering Information Manager 4.2.2
1/12/2012LawPort to Offer Free SharePoint Consultations at LegalTech Conference
10/25/2011Inmagic Joins The SydneyPLUS Group of Companies
9/14/2011ILTA Attendees Learn New Strategies for SharePoint Deployment
7/29/2011LawPort to Showcase SharePoint 2010 Release at ILTA Conference
6/30/2011LawPort climbs higher with Information Manager - kmBuilder 4.2.1
5/24/2011SydneyPLUS Recruits Hal Marcus to Lead LawPort Sales
4/8/2011SydneyPLUS KM showcases SharePoint CI at SCIP 2011
2/28/2011LawPort extends Legal Object Model
1/21/2011LawPort at LegalTech 2011
12/15/2010LawPort tops support for over 40 third party apps
11/26/2010LawPort delivers support for SharePoint 2010
10/29/2010Advance DMS folder capabilities added to LawPort
9/30/2010LawPort adds advanced registration capabilities to CLE
8/12/2010LawPort SydneyPLUS at ILTA 2010
7/26/2010SydneyPLUS dominating the legal KM market with top share
6/29/2010LawPort smashes SharePoint portal implementation timeframes
6/1/2010SydneyPLUS LawPort releases CLE v.2
4/17/2010SydneyPLUS Releases LawPort CI Publisher
3/26/2010SharePoint CI picks up speed at SCIP
2/26/2010SydneyPLUS at SCIP 2010 conference
2/19/2010New DealTracker for SharePoint wins law firms new business
1/22/2010SydneyPLUS LawPort at LegalTech New York 2010 conference
1/16/2010SydneyPLUS LawPort releases Expertise Manager 2.0
12/21/2009SydneyPLUS LawPort releases LawPort 5 Extensions
11/9/2009LawPort 5.0's key value propositions earn legal industry applause
9/10/2009LawPort 5.0 approach resonates with C-level executives at ILTA
8/6/2009SydneyPLUS LawPort at ILTA Conference 2009
8/30/2007SydneyPLUS Int. acquires LawPort